Silence of the gluttons

12 08 2010

I have an eating problem. I do not stop. I am perpetually peckish, and this has not gone unnoticed in the office. About 5 mins after I had announced that I was going to do a detox (still riding the sugar high bought on by a packet of percy pigs, reversy percies, and a couple of shots of mini eggs), someone opened a packet of honey smoked cashews – I mean COME ON – how is a girl to resist – I shoveled a few in moaning that I once you have opened the door to treats that’s it, game over. The I heard my colleague say – “when did you ever close the door?”. I nearly choked on my gob full of sugar coated nuts. My gluttony exposed (I heard them all chuckling). I moaned at the humiliation whilst scoffing a few more cashews (carbo-loading for boot camp). Then it was suggested I wire my mouth shut or get a mask in the style of Hannibal Lector. Effective for large treats, but I am sure I could still slip in a few cashews, percies, mini-eggs and peanut M&Ms…




2 responses

12 08 2010

I would definitely invest in one of these for myself! It’s like a chastity belt for the face!

13 08 2010

And that’s why you missed your Swiss Ball(room) class,…you had a mask to buy. :-)

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