11 08 2010

I turned on the TV at the weekend and stumbled upon one of those American infomercials about shampoo. I was sucked in. You know the ones where “All this is worth FOUR hundred pounds and we will give it to you for a LIMITED offer of 29.99 – for today ONLY“. Anyway for 20 mins I sat there listening to lots of ladies with sparkling white teeth and long, shiny, silky hair flicking it about at every given opportunity, saying how their lives have been transformed by this shampoo. Compelling watching. I refrained from buying, but I found myself later on that day looking for the product in TK Maxx (my second home). I did not find it, but did come away with a ridiculously large bottle of professional hair care shampoo. I have used it a couple of times, and no one has commented on my new shiny locks, until last night when my best friend said how shiny my hair looked. It works! Then I realised the last time I had washed my hair was that afternoon, at the gym, and I had to use the dispenser marked “body wash” since there was no “shampoo” left. So much for expensive life transforming shampoo.




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