Another competition!

31 08 2010

If anyone likes my design for the Apostrophe Expresso yourself competition PLEASE  “Like” my entry on the Apostrophe facebook page ….if I win coffee is on me!!

Competition closed – will let you know if I am a runner up! Or even a winner!


Dress to impress

31 08 2010

So it has started, the overwhelming desire to buy new shoes. Out with the sun, in with the stiletto. A girl has to cheer herself up somehow now the summer is no longer. In an attempt to make heels more comfortable I have a breaking in technique. Massive socks. Stick them on and S Q U E E E E E Z E your chubby feet into the tiny shoe (cinderella’s ugly sister style) and wear them until you cannot feel any life in your toes = Bliss-ter free feet from day 1. My one warning. Do not try this technique if you know there are people coming over. Like last time I broke in a pair of heels… when my housemate turned up at home with a guy she was secretly hoping to set me up with. Unfortunately even prince charming is not brave enough to take on a girl who can cook but who insists on wearing ski socks with her stilettos.

An extra day off

30 08 2010

When my parents spend the weekend, there is never a dull moment. Something always happens. Well lots of things happen, but there is usually one thing that stands out most. This time it was going to Heathrow airport to see my Dad off (he was going back to work). All Sunday we went through the pre-flight, preparation. The last-minute shopping, the packing, the unpacking, the repacking, the lists, the passport checks, the jokes about having the right day or the right time on the ticket etc. Anyway all of that completed we were about to set off and the heavens opened, so we decided not to tube it but to cab it. Only in my family – we get in the cab, travel 10 mins down the road and the cabbie asks if we wouldn’t mind swapping cab, for a smaller one. It was like our normal trip out for dinner – changing place or restaurant twice. Anyway we jumped into another cab and set off on our way – now in the blazing sunshine I may add. We got to Heathrow and joined the check-in queue. At the desk the lady started checking my Dad’s passport, and then said “Sir, you are not booked on the flight until tomorrow night.”… Seems like my Dad’s company changed his dates and failed to tell him, so we turned around, jumped on the tube and came home. Which meant that today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday – the packing, the repacking, the passport checks…and the trip to Heathrow. An extra day off work and an extra day with the parentals :)

Smashing Week

27 08 2010

I know I have a touch of mediterranean about me (dark hair and dark eyes are a give away), my Dad has always insisted that I have traces of Italian and Spanish blood. After the last 2 days I am pretty sure he is mistaken –  it is definitely Greek blood. I have smashed a massive glass container, a picture frame and a mug in the space of 48 hours. It happens in 3’s so at least I can relax now and concentrate on my dance moves.

The Blustery Line

26 08 2010

Last night I almost got from Chancery Lane to Tottenham Court Road in one go. The gust of wind coming through the tunnel just before getting to the platform was SO strong! I almost lost my handbag and definitely lost any chance of redeeming my hairstyle! The man next to me nearly lost his footing when his air hostess style wheelie case actually lifted off the ground. Comedy.

Gale force winds and torrential rain, I love the english summer!

Noisy Neighbour

25 08 2010

My poor flatmate. I am not sure what has happened to me – I used to be so quiet. In the last year my legs seem to have become laced with concrete and I seem unable to function in the morning without dropping, clanging, bumping or slamming into stuff. This morning when I was trying ‘oh-so-quietly’ to get the ironing board out the cupboard, I thought I may as well have bells on – I was making so much noise. In my head I was the one man band complete with harmonica and ironing board. Sorry Flo!

Check out my latest article!

24 08 2010

Go visit it is under the GALLIMAUFRY section. This week is all about the highs and lows of online dating! “Un-natural Selection”….