No use crying

28 07 2010

On Saturday I went through the whole of the tri-nations breakfast with my friends being extra vigilant not to get any form of breakfast down my pristine maxi-dress. I was victorious (unlike my team). I went straight from there onto the train. Still spotless. Then the girl next to me had a cup of tea. She picked up the milk sachet. I tensed. She tensed. We both were thinking the same thing. Please don’t squirt! She pried it open and whoooops, as feared …. Milk all over the maxi dress. She apologised profusely, but I couldn’t be mad (or cry) because I have done it myself, on more than one occasion!




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28 07 2010

after church on sunday a few weeks ago, i was pouring milk into my coffee and a kid ran by and my coffee went ALL OVER the back of the coat of a lady next to me. our church is in a posh part of van and the coat looked really expensive. she was furious at me but it wasn’t my fault! i don’t drink coffee at church anymore.

i miss you kirk.

29 07 2010

Yes, they say what goes around comes around, I remember a certain person doing this to me but with whisky just before we took off for a long flight to Saudi Arabia, but that landed right in my lap!!!!!!!!!!!!

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