21 07 2010

I have been spending MUCH too much time on my computer of late. My eyes have been taking strain and I have a horrible feeling that I may need to get some glasses. Glasses in themselves I don’t mind the thought of that much, they could even make me appear more intelligent and important looking. What does trouble me though is that it could be the start down the slippery slope of destiny. Aside from my fear of growing old alone in a flat full of cats, I have a fear that I will morph into every art teacher I have ever had. There seems to be a point (probably when you get the glasses) where you start to wear tie-dye floaty outfits, scarfs, statement earrings, funky hair and wacky glasses on a multicoloured beaded string. Since the earrings, scarf and hair are already underway in one form or another, and maybe now the glasses, it is only a matter of time until I go all tie dye. H  E  L  P!




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