19 07 2010

I went out for drinks on Friday night, and made a swift exit before the karaoke fest began. My friend Victoria tried to convince me to stay saying that karaoke be an excellent resource for bloggable material. I was tempted, but assured her that usually something happens on the way home that is blog worthy. Not five minutes later we were walking past a bus stop from where a young man was fleeing, and two buxom buggy pushing ladies were laughing. Friday night revellers. Then one of them suddenly jumped in front of us and shouted “BOO“. Obviously we screamed like two easily spooked South African girls, quaking in our stilettos. The culprits were laughing a lot, as were all the people waiting for the bus.Clearly we were not the first victims, but probably the most dramatic!




One response

19 07 2010

Not sure what was scarier – the fright or their tracksuit pants on a Friday night!

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