Memorable Presentation

15 07 2010

Yesterday my team was on a training course. We have been asked to add the almighty PowerPoint to our repertoire. We were nearing the end of the course, our tutor ever more convinced that we were a quirky bunch, and then it happened. Probably the one thing that we will (unfortunately) remember about PowerPoint long after we have forgotten page transitions and custom font themes. We were trying to test importing flash animations hosted on the web directly into ppt via a file path – between the four of us we could not think of one flash animation we had hosted online, so we googled one. I found one showing three cups moving around where you had to guess which cup the ball was under. I set up the file path, tested it on the PC. Perfect. Then I popped the .ppt file on a  stick and passed it to my colleague to test it on a mac. Now all of us are watching eagerly seeing if our experiment worked across platforms. It did. Then I said ‘Just click through and see if the rest of the animation works’, a legitimate request echoed by the rest of the room. Instead of the ball appearing under cup number one… up popped a naked lady jigging her way and her wares across the screen. Words cannot describe the communal shock. My colleague could not get to the escape key fast enough, and our tutor, well I doubt any of his other sessions ever ended with such a shocking finale. Hilarious.




3 responses

15 07 2010
Robbie Brighton

Was she attractive? The dancer that is?

15 07 2010

haha we were is such shock. it was SO funny. TOTALLY unexpected!

15 07 2010

Thatvis brilliant!!!! I wouldn’t trying that PowerPoint slide at some of our meetings :-)

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