Two or three?

12 07 2010

Last night whilst waiting to be served at the bar I was eavesdropping on a conversation the three guys next to me were having. It sounded pretty serious  – one guy was asking his mates if they thought two or three ( I naturally assumed goals between Spain and the Netherlands –  being World Cup Final night).  I couldn’t have been more wrong, it transpired that the conversation was not about football, but about how many sausages one should expect to find in a sausage sandwich. They were erring on the side of two until one of the guys stated that it would depend on how big the sandwich was. At which point the guy who started the conversation simply said, “Well your standard A4 sized sandwich.” It was at this point it became apparent that I was eavesdropping by very nearly choking on my drink. The answer is three. Definitely three.

The A4 sausage sandwich debate was just one of many very entertaining conversations that our match watching companions bought to the table during what was a fairly long and for the most part dull world cup final. It is thanks to them and three pub chairs that I now know just how the offside rule works, that footballers rolling round on the ground like girls is actually seen as tactical move and that sticker collecting is by no means a game for the young, but also the young at heart. Now I wonder if I can get an A4 peanut butter sandwich anywhere…




3 responses

12 07 2010

Brilliant! I particularly like the fact that you managed to get the fat guy resting his hand on his gut while chain-smoking into the picture!

12 07 2010

Fantastic! After myself you are now one of the most talented people I know. I was going to get all my friends to check out your blog too but then realised that Sener and Ciaran already have and that’s pretty much it for me. The only question I had was who is the guy carrying the chair? I think your pictures of Ciaran, me and Sener are spot on.

12 07 2010

My favourite is the multi-burger eating, tennis playing, silver goggle sporting spaniard!

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