Dinner Divas

9 07 2010

Last night my friend and I volunteered to help dish up supper for a course being run at our church. Easy as pie – chicken, leek and bacon pie to be exact. Mmmmmm. It was good fun being a dinner lady for a day. I think the hungry people I was serving must have thought I was taking my role as vegetarian-disher-upper just a bit too seriously. You see I may have come across a bit edgy whilst spooning out the spuds, and I was so preoccupied I managed to shirk my salad responsibility completely. Why? Well before we started dishing up we were relaxing on a park bench soaking up the evening sun…and I may have sat on a nest of ants, who may have found their way up my legs and all over me, which may have led to me feeling like I had ants crawling all over me for the rest of the evening.

(I would like to assure all the pie eaters that no ants made their way into their dinner, but they did make their way home with me tucked in the fold of my dress.)




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