I’ve still go it.

28 06 2010

Weirdo magnet.

I was on the bus last night glistening with perspiration when A young man got on and tapped me on the shoulder. My money was on the “Do you know if this bus stops here?” question. OH NO. He started off with “I had to get on to tell you that you are gorgeous”. I kid you not. Ordinarily I would have been flattered, but he didn’t even give me a chance to respond with some well thought out quip before then next “line” was delivered. It was hilarious. I could hardly keep up, the lines kept on coming. He asked me if I was in the military (I was wearing a khaki maxi-dress), I glared at him silently. He then said “I do love a jar head”. The best line of the journey was without a doubt his response to me telling him I thought I was a shade too old for him (he was 20)…. “I’m cool with a Sugar Mommy.” I resisted temptation and ran off the bus!




One response

28 06 2010

You did well….. It’s sooooo hard to resist chat-up lines like that… (not that i can remember that far back into my history.. )

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