!!! Unexpected item in the bagging area !!!

23 06 2010

I am not a big fan of the self-service till – they make me nervous. I lose the ability to read instructions. I fail to identify the matching vegetable from a line up of photos. I always buy an item that requires an authorisation code, and for some reason I can never work out where the bar codes are, or where the change is dispensed. Not to mention the added pressure of a long line of people behind you, all thinking they can scan much quicker than you.

Anyway, this week I popped into the shop with a friend to buy a bottle of wine, and she used the self-service till. One item. How bad could it be? She scanned the wine and then came the beeping alert “DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BAG?” Choice: YES or NO. It took a few seconds to register the command and to wonder what to press if you don’t have your own bag, but you don’t need one of their’s either. It had been no longer than 2 seconds, when from behind came this voice. “You need to choooooose whether you have your own bag or NOT…“. Her shadow appeared before she did. A substantial shop assistant about 15 years my junior, who preceded to explain, in a loud condescending voice, how to work the self-service till, starting with the question about having your own bag. I got the giggles, but I had to remain composed because I knew she could swipe me into the bagging area with one hand, and I wouldn’t stand a chance. After being reprimanded we choose “NO” trying to hurry the process along. Then because it was wine – there was the beeping sound, and flashing light alerting  the scary shop assistant of the need to verify that we were of age. She was truly terrifying and loitered around until we had stumbled through paying and the cash-back options. Never before has self-service been quite so scary, or quite so amusing!




3 responses

24 06 2010

Excellent. What about writing a book with all your anecdotes ilustrated?

My children ‘help’ me at the SS Tills (aptly named!) it takes months!

24 06 2010
Rob Burress

I totally love your blog. Its so ‘just what I was thinking’. So delighted when I see a new post!

24 06 2010

Nice one, it truly was frightening!! And very amusing! We loved your illistration x

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