G-force. Winds

14 06 2010

My friend Neil gave me and a mate of his a lift from the station on a recent trip up North. The friend jumped out and I jumped in the front. Neil wound down the window to say his goodbye’s. So far so good. Only he forgot to do the window back up. Along the country roads the breeze was quite fresh and pleasant. Then we got onto the motorway. G-force. Freezing Winds. I was pretty much pinned to the chair, the only things that were moving where my cheeks – and they were flapping up by my ears. Instant Face-lift. You know that feeling where you want to say something, but it just goes past the acceptable time to say something. That is how I felt. Turns out he was freezing too and he was having the same dilemma – thinking I actually wanted the window open and was enjoying the arctic wind through my hair. It was only when we were both tinged blue that he was brave enough to ask if he could shut the window. So funny. We laughed about if for the remainder of the journey, that is when the blood had returned and our faces had thawed out! Sometimes it does not pay to be so polite.




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