18 05 2010

In Waterloo Station there is this little shop that sells nuts and dried fruit and “healthy” snack by the scoop. It is the mecca for anyone peckish on their way home – there is always a queue. I am a big fan and a frequent visitor. Trouble is…they sell all the stuff I like by the SCOOP full. I am talking wasabi peas, dark chocolate brazils, those funny coated banana chips, amazingly moreish salt and pepper cashews, dried mango….it is pretty hard to keep the scoops down to a minimum. In these credit crunch times I try to limit myself to the average person’s two serving portion – so I have a stash in my bag for next time I am peckish and have perilously low blood sugar. This was my reasoning this week when I loaded up my paper bag with a smokey nut medley with a few sneaky wasabi peas. The entire bag lasted 2 stops. I guzzled the lot. I even hid the paper bag in my handbag to make it harder for myself – so I would have to rustle the paper and draw attention to my gluttony. All in vain.

I’m not sure why I am surprised this happens every time.




One response

20 05 2010

I carry rice cakes around with me for low blood sugar but by the time I need to have them, they smell and taste of shopping bag and I often get home worse than before… I wish there was a shop like this one near us. I’d dive straight into it!

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