The Ash Cloud

16 05 2010

is definitely back over London tonight. Despite the rain my housemate and I chose tonight to christen our new braai (BBQ in South African). It started off well but as the saying goes…it all went up in smoke. It must have been amusing as my sister and Mum were smiling and taking photos from within the smokeless confines of my kitchen, and the neighbours opposite settled down with a coffee and a cigarette to watch our efforts. In South Africa there are two rules. Women make salads. Men Braai. Consequently there are gaps in my braai making skills – how to start one, when to start one, just how many seconds  you hold your hand over the smouldering coals and when to sprinkle water over the meat to douse the flames. I am proud to say between us all we figured it out – the one thing I wish I didn’t figure out for myself was that pouring a bucket of water over hot coals does produce an abundance of ash.




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