Double Digits

10 05 2010

My sister and I lead parallel lives. Trouble and drama seems to follow us at all times. Yesterday was no different. I cut my finger shaving my legs. Yes, that’s right, shaving my LEGS. Anyway it is unfortunately the one finger you don’t want to be isolating and holding up in the air, even if it is to stop the bleeding. I am the lucky sibling though – I still have a finger. For a few minutes (seemed like hours) yesterday, we were unsure my sister would still have a finger. She got a £2 plastic ring firmly STUCK on her finger. So much so that her finger changed colour, as did her face. My Mum between fits of laughter had to sneakily open a pot of hand cream in the shop to try to get the ring off . I am pleased to say we are both recovering nicely from our injuries and off on another adventure.




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