All gone…as if by magic!

3 05 2010

That’s what my housemate is bound to think one day soon. Other than bargain shoes I am not a collector of sentimental objects. I do however have a love of typography, and hence a slight obsession with lettering. Especially wooden or metal letters. That’s why when visiting the Grand Designs Live exhibition, I gasped in delight at a stand where this tiny weeny woman was cutting out letters with ease. She had what I knew I must have. A magic tool.” Ahhhh electric jigsaw” is what you are thinking. Nope. Glorified hacksaw. But boy does it cut. Any shape, any thing. Wood, Metal, ceramics, plastic, you name it – with a bit of practice I could cut a letter out of it. I have warned my housemate that if it is not essential it may well be chopped up. Starting with the bread board. We don’t need 4 chairs…or even a table….




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