I needed a break

28 05 2010

after discovering I had been sitting on remains of yesterday’s caramel button, all day, in my light blue jeans…and then knocking over the KitKat display at the corner shop. TGIF.


Lost in Translation

27 05 2010

At work yesterday Jenni asked us how many kilo’s of chicken you were allowed to take on the plane. ?!?

It took us a while, but what she actually asked meant was how many kilo’s of check-in were you allowed on the plane.

Sorry for the tardiness of the blog of late…

26 05 2010

My imaginary swedish friends are to blame. I am on my 3rd and final Steig Larsson book – and I am hooked. Any spare second I am straight in there. I have even sacrificed beauty sleep to read ‘just one more page’. I eagerly anticipate any extended form of public transport, and I have even tried to take the book in the sauna with me (not advisable). I am near the end of the third book and I starting to have that internal conflict – I want to know what happens but I don’t want it to end. You will know when I finish it as the blogs will be back first thing in the morning…

Only for the brave

25 05 2010

The ‘old fashioned sweet shop’ down the road has made a lot of money out of our team this week. We have demolished £20’s worth of its finest wares in record time. Visitors to our department can’t help but just grab a couple of sweets when they leave. Perfect for a practical joke. We have quite a few cherry lips remaining – they taste like soap – they are positively vile. If anyone asks for sweets now we tell them the red ones are really good…. I know it’s evil – but quite funny…sorry Sarrah!!.

Today we have stepped up the game – we have bought the “mega sour black death – only for the brave” sweet especially for visitors. All morning we have been trying them out….

p.s. As I am writing this, we just tested them out on an innocent visitor… I have still got the giggles…sooo much better than anticipated.


24 05 2010

There is always that glimmer of hope that when traveling on a train or a plane that you will find yourself sat next to  – or opposite  – a hottie. You can see it in people’s eyes, everyone does it. I have to confess I do it too. On Friday night when I was heading up North – I secretly hoped to share the journey with a hottie. Nope. I got a Nottie. Not 10 mins out the station he fell asleep, with his mouth wide open, then the floodgates of spittle were released. Not just a tiny droplet at the corner of his mouth – oh no – actual strings pouring onto his shirt. 10 mins in and he had a substantial wet patch on his shirt. I am not really squeamish – but I felt quite sick. But I still couldn’t help but stare. My journey was two hours – he was going to be drenched by then! It was gross. As I was staring he managed to – whilst still snoozing – slurp a string back in. YUK-YUK-YUK. Then he resumed…and pretty much continued all the way Northbound. Not so hot.

Sunny side up

21 05 2010

You know it’s Summer when builder’s eat their fry-up Al Fresco.

My tight jeans

20 05 2010

have confirmed that last week’s cheese and wine fest has finally caught up with me.