Barging Past

26 04 2010

For my Mum’s birthday we spent the morning on a motor boat sailing down one of the canal’s in Bath. It was peaceful, beautiful and for the most part quite serene. My Dad used to be in the Navy – so he was put in charge of steering. It went well, pretty much up to the last 5 mins. Then we came head to head with two on coming barges in a narrow section of the canal. It was loud, unsightly and most definitely NOT serene. We were in full throttle reverse gear – not the prescribed max of 4miles and hour. My Mum was screaming “Rob, GO, ROB just go, Arrrrgghhhh”, my Dad was ignoring her and saying to me – pull us over to the edge. Now I know I have long arms – but seriously? I was the human mooring – and had to stay that way until the barges puttered past us quite obviously bemused. Another eventful Barton family outing!




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