Show me the Bunny

15 04 2010

Last weekend I went for dinner at my best friends place. At the end of the meal she bought out the last golden easter bunny to have with our tea. Tea requires chocolate. Fact. In a matter of seconds the bunny was all but demolished. Just one chunk left. We were all too polite to take it. I knew my best mate wanted it. She knew I wanted it. Her sister knew we wanted it. My best friends hubby knew he didn’t stand a chance. We all made small talk and eyed up the last bit of bunny. No one had the guts to bite the bunny. I knew what would happen when we left…

… my best friend would wave goodbye, shut the door and then make her way swiftly to the remains, under the guise of “tidying-up”. How do I know this? It is exactly what I would have done. Great minds and best friends think alike. I have been led to believe it went something like this….




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