11 04 2010

I am guessing that at some point most of us have been guilty of maybe being just a tad too affectionate with someone in a public place. It happens, but most people are aware of the general public and keep it to a minimum – or get a room. On my way home on Saturday night I was witness to one of the most public, “public display’s of affection” I have ever been unfortunate enough to witness. They were obviously intoxicated and VERY amorous. He obviously thought more of her polka dot mini skirt then I did judging my how often the was feeling the fabric and her derrière in the process. But it was the kissing that was most distressing. He was squeezing his lips out as far as possible towards the massive gaping cavern that was her open mouth…preparing to clamp down on his extended lips and stubbled jaw. I feared she may swallow him at one point. Such was my fear that at one point I actually heard a small “eeeu” sound that I realised came from me. Just before fleeing the train I even had to put my hand to my mouth to stop me from laughing at the sight… and also to prevent me from being almost physically ill.




One response

11 04 2010

Too bad I missed this. I love public, bad taste theater like this. If I have to move to London to see it, then I will!

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