I’d just like to say a few words of thanks …

6 04 2010

to Dorset Cereals for having a Little Blog Awards – and for just letting me know I am the March winner, and proud owner of a shiny new egg cup and egg cosy ! I’m egg-static. Thanks to my Mum for instilling in me a love of egg & soldiers…and teaching me how to boil and egg…and to my Dad who has taught me that there is no such thing as only one course for breakfast – cereal, egg, cereal, toast, egg, cereal…and the mantra “eat-until-you-can-eat-no-more”. Massive thanks to all of you who voted for me – and continue to read my ramblings. Maybe I can start telling people I am an Egg-s-Factor winner, now I have my speech all sorted…Hmmm something to ponder over my next breakfast pig-out.




6 responses

7 04 2010

Your drawings are great. I came across your blog in search of recipes and other food-related things…but I’m glad I found something much more entertaining! Congrats on the Little Blog Award.

7 04 2010

Yayayayayayaya!!!!! Well done!!! that’s eggcellent….!

7 04 2010

Eggtremely well done Kirsty. :) x

7 04 2010

Congratulations! Much deserved, your blog is eggemplary… :D

7 04 2010

Awesome news Kirsty, so well deserved. I think the rest of us should stop yoking around!!! ;-)

8 04 2010

I want my egg cup back! haha

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