5 04 2010

I was attacked by a gold Lindt Bunny. It jumped down my throat before I had a chance to stop it. I was helpless, and hungry.

Bye-Bye Bunny.

When I woke up on Sunday I embarked on the great Bunny Massacre. I am not sure who was worse off in the end

Then I went on a “road trip” with my parents, to find them a new home. The night before we had watched a film in which a man went over the top of a cliff in his car. My Dad chose a steep precipice to execute a three-point turn. 2 thoughts. Thought 1: My parents have some Thelma and Louise Style pact inspired by last night’s film…AND THEY ARE TAKING ME WITH THEM…… Thought 2: If this is it, I should have finished off the bunnies.




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