30 04 2010

is the response I got last night from my sister when I turned on my webcam during our Skype chat. Ok it was late, I had just come out the shower – so I was in my dressing gown with a towel turban on my head – but I didn’t think I looked THAT bad. Then she started laughing. She said that her webcam was broken and she got a fright when she “saw herself” on her monitor. It was in fact yours truly. Thousands of miles apart there we both were on Skype in our dressing gowns, with towel turbans. I guess we do look more alike than I thought!


Britain’s got Talent

29 04 2010

Inspired by the cult TV show currently showcasing Britain’s talent, our mid-morning conversation drifted toward what talents our department possesses. Pickings were slim, but we had a few. Jen balancing a spoon on her nose, my ability to stuff huge quantities of chocolate bunnies in my mouth, Barry and his luscious lip trick and last but not least Caroline’s ability to sustain a serious injury whilst shaving despite having been doing it for nearly 20 years. Maybe not right for the Royal Variety show – but we certainly have variety.

Like Father like daughter.

28 04 2010

Seems like not only do I look like my Dad, but I have also inherited the love of copious amounts of cereal – preferably shoveled in with a tea-spoon.

Mixed Whites

27 04 2010

I knew the risks. I even had a moment of hesitation. But when it comes to washing I am a rebel. It’s probably the only area of my life I take huge risks. Last night I risked washing my new-ish black jeans with a semi-light wash. Now my baby pink gym towel (along with the rest of my wash) is grey. Not uniformly dyed. Dark and light grey patches. It’s a good thing I suit grey – in all shades.

Barging Past

26 04 2010

For my Mum’s birthday we spent the morning on a motor boat sailing down one of the canal’s in Bath. It was peaceful, beautiful and for the most part quite serene. My Dad used to be in the Navy – so he was put in charge of steering. It went well, pretty much up to the last 5 mins. Then we came head to head with two on coming barges in a narrow section of the canal. It was loud, unsightly and most definitely NOT serene. We were in full throttle reverse gear – not the prescribed max of 4miles and hour. My Mum was screaming “Rob, GO, ROB just go, Arrrrgghhhh”, my Dad was ignoring her and saying to me – pull us over to the edge. Now I know I have long arms – but seriously? I was the human mooring – and had to stay that way until the barges puttered past us quite obviously bemused. Another eventful Barton family outing!

Birthday Banner

25 04 2010

Today is my Mum’s birthday  – so last night after only one glass of wine I started to assemble the banner I had made. I decided that instead of my usual slap dash fashion I would make an effort and secure each letter so they would sit evenly spaced apart – and not all bunch up together. I separated the letters of each word, placed them in piles – I mean HOW organised is that at 11.40 pm? I systematically threaded on each individually cut letter and secured it an a blanket stitch style loop. Very professional. When I was done I lifted up the banner…and started to cry with laughter (and despair). I decided my results would make the banner even more original  – this is what my poor Mum saw when she woke up this morning…

Sorry Doree xxx xxx xxx

Red in the face (and not from 2 hours on a bike)

22 04 2010

I survived the spin, but not unscathed. The spin bikes in the gym I go to have two water bottle holders spanning the width of the handlebars. My spin-a-thon was at a different gym (thankfully). I can safely say that the bike I was on last night has nothing between the handlebars. How do I know? I went to lean, with my full weight,  on the “water bottle holder” to reach down and grab a handful of jelly babies. Had I not been strapped in I would have been the first girl to fall over the handlebars of a stationary bike. Sad but true.