All choked up

31 03 2010

Nothing chokes me up more than spending time with my god-daughter, her baby sister and their Mum. All that love. All that laughter. All those comedy moments that always ensue. This weekend was one of those days. A moment of domestic bliss. My friend busying herself doing mother-type duties. I was in charge of entertainment. A master of multi-tasking, I was bouncing the baby on my knee, letting her play with the chain of beads around my neck. I was also extolling the miracle powers of the humble garden pea to my 2-year old god-daughter…when mayhem ensued.

The bouncing had dislodged a tiny soggy morsel of rice cake that the baby had been sucking on earlier. She started to choke. CHOKE. My worst fear. My friends worst fear. PANIC. To be fair it was more like a bad coughing fit, but it was action stations. The baby was tipped up, her mum’s finger in her mouth scooping out any stray soggy rice cake, I was patting her back. The baby seemed fine, so fine in fact that she only strengthened her grip on my beads, and continued tugging – and hard. So now she was fine (except for a finger in her mouth) but I was now finding it increasingly difficult to breathe. My asphyxiation was imminent. By now the baby was fine, giggling and cooing as standard. Her Mum slumped on the floor post panic. My god daughter looking at me dubiously shoveling in peas. Everyone oblivious to my plight. Thankfully my friend came to her senses and grabbed her offspring so I could loosen the noose around my neck, and live to tell the tale.




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