The Breakfast Show

24 03 2010

Should my neighbours want to, they can look directly into my lounge/kitchen. Other then seeing me pretty much constantly eating, they probably witness some very odd behavior. Our TV (a gift from the previous tenants) has a dodgy connection at the back. I have had to fashion a hi-tech cardboard prop to keep the cable in place so we can get sound. As effective as the cardboard prop is, the telly is very sensitive to movement of any kind. So unless you, the neighbours above, the kittens, or anything in the vicinity remains stationary the TV becomes mute. Sometimes there is only one thing for it. Jumping in front of it and banging on the top. It works like a dream – but it looks pretty odd. We are getting a new telly today – hooray – so my neighbours will cease to be amused by my morning break dancing skills. It’s a shame because I secretly quite enjoy it.




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