Sibling Rivalry

18 03 2010

There has always been a bit of healthy competition between me and my siblings. Well one sibling more than others. You know who you are Carla. Anyway since I sent my sister a birthday blog, in the spirit of fairness, and due to there being no chance a card will reach my favourite brother by today, this blog is dedicated to him. Happy Birthday Mink!

My poor brother. Growing up with two older sisters could not have been easy. Especially two sisters like us. Being seven years younger we (the girls) mostly had size and boredom on our side. Sometimes we took to taunting our brother…for fun. How cruel. My favourite being the day he was minding his own business playing play station (well it was the days of ZX Spectrums). After scheming, it was decided I would walk past and “accidentally” stand on the restart button. Which I did. Obviously he was not happy, moaned a bit, threatened  us and then set it up again. Leaving us girls to our own devices and continuing his game. Not knowing when to stop we went down stairs and waited a suitable amount of time. We then went to the mains switch, and flipped it off and on. Genius. A “power-cut”. Then we heard it. My placid baby brother came flying down the stairs. I ran and hid – obviously. Carla on the other hand, having always used her strength and wit against us, stood her ground. That was until she realised that Scott had just had a growth spurt, and was now bigger than her, stronger than her, and willing to punish her. I watched in hysterics listening to my invincible sister shout “Please don’t hurt me, Please don’t hurt me”. Priceless. I imagine that is similar to what she shouts now when my brother beats her time and time again at squash. “Please don’t beat me, please don’t beat me”.

Mink I apologise for our behaviour that day….and it was all Carla’s idea ;) 3×3




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