Thugs and Slugs

17 03 2010

Ok, so last night I got home late. It was midnight. Normally I am asleep by then –  blissfully unaware. Midnight, the hour of all things evil and gory and slimy and…LIVING IN MY ROOM. I came face to face with a slug. YUK. Not a teeny tiny harmless slug. A huge, slimy, massively disgusting green slug. Why? Why did I moan about the crow? Is this punishment? What if the slug (did I mention he was huge) is the baby of the slug family sharing my sleeping quarters? What if later on in the night, as I sleep, they all come out and slither all over me? What if the  annoying cough I can’t shake is actually a slug I swallowed in the night? And I was worried about hoodies in my new home. I will take on a hoodie rather than a slime producing mollusk any-day, or night. This new room-mate has left me no choice. I am leaving out a packet of salt and vinegar crisps tonight for his midnight feast.




One response

19 03 2010

I just found a sl-UGG trail over the top of my UGGs. YUK.

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