London loves lace

16 03 2010

The warm weather has had a serious effect on Londoners. We have entered double figures people. Woop Woop.  I have felt genuine warmth from the sun on my translucent skin. You can feel people have a spring in their step, and their faces have traces of smiles. It’s all very exciting. But with the change in season is that awkward transition between winter/spring wardrobe. Yesterday I saw 3 sets of lace tights. Lace – like Madonna sported in the 80’s. 2 WHITE pairs and one red pair. No No No. I thought white was bad, but red is seriously not so cool. (No offence to any lace tight wearing fans) My friend Jen and I were being very judgmental and discussing how wrong the lace look was… until we looked at ourselves. We looked awful. I had ditched my high heels for running shoes with my skinny jeans. She ditched her pumps for trainers and opaque tights. Very practical for a lunchtime walk by the river – not so cool in the glam stakes. Maybe we should have embraced the white tights afterall.




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