I won’t be getting my Mom a plant for mothers day.

12 03 2010

I am not good with plants. I stick to succulents because they are much harder to kill. Well, that is if you are not my mother. I realise this statement is topical, due to it being so close to Mother’s Day, but my mother has done a terrible thing. My aloe, my five-year old aloe, that I have nursed back from the brink of death (squishy leaves) more than once … she has almost destroyed. She maintains her innocence. She has told me that she was minding her own business and its “tentacles” reached round her, grabbed her from behind and in the struggle my aloe landed on the floor. It sustained a number of injuries. A majorly bent stem (it now sits at a right angle). A few minor abrasions to its fleshy leaves. A broken leaf. A broken leaf that my mother has stuck into the soil – hoping I will think its a new shoot. Whilst inspecting my most cherished of plants, she was moaning saying that I don’t care about her – what about her injuries – she maintains the tentacles have left scrape marks down her neck. I bet you think I am making up this conversation for effect. Not the case. This is my mother’s actual description of the event. Too much TV crime I fear. And I think she is trying to make me feel bad for not making her a mother’s day card yet. It’s not working.




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