I am guilty

11 03 2010

of sneakily reading other people’s reading material on the train. I have seen others do it too. It’s always MUCH more interesting than what you have to read. The key is to be subtle. To be able to avert one’s eyes in an instant. Subtlety has never been one of my strong points. So the guy I sat next to on the train the other night found out. After sitting down I glanced over at what he was reading. It was a magazine about blogs. Blogs. My new fad. It was like the pages were magnetic – I could not keep my eye’s off them. The more he turned the pages – the more I wanted to read. I think I may have even had my head on his shoulder at one point. Usually sneaky-train-reading isn’t that rewarding. I couldn’t help myself – I had to ask him what he was reading. I broke the golden rule of train etiquette. I spoke to him. Tapped him on the shoulder. We both looked terrified. No-one talks to strangers on the train. Fortunately he was friendly, and replied, despite my having  blatantly read over his shoulder for most of his journey. Had he not been so friendly I would have had to resort to Plan B. “Accidently” getting the magazine caught in my hand as I sprinted toward the door and out  the train…

(Train guy : Thanks for being friendly so I didn’t have to resort to petty crime!)




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