7 03 2010

Tonight at church I put my hand on the metal balustrade and proceeded to give myself not one, but two electric shocks. I attribute this to the static generated by having to pull my new (not cheap) leather jacket off over my head (not cool), due to the zip being stuck (again). I was then left feeling self conscious about the new volume of my hair. I need not have worried. The carriage I got into on my tube home, was full of teenage fashionistas on the way back from “Doing Oxford Street”. The space not taken up by shopping bags and fake designer handbags, was filled with mounds of hair-sprayed locks. I blended right in – well I was hidden in between voluminous coiffs.




2 responses

10 03 2010

LOVE it! I laughed out loud ;) x

18 03 2010

Hhaha hilarious, this used to constantly happen to me in the gym on the treadmill. I have since changed gyms (not due to the shocks) and still dramatically flinch everytime i touch the new one! Clearly i have been conditioned!

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