Another glass? WineNot…

5 03 2010

Last night was a very entertaining evening of wine tasting. I love the fact that at all wine tasting events the beginning is quite reserved, the tones are hushed and the glasses moderately charged. The end of the evening is something entirely different. The glasses sloshing to capacity, the volume considerably louder and very little reserve remains. Our group of wine connoisseurs (‘This tastes like…”wine”.’) benefited considerably by our delegation of  a gloriously heavy-handed server, and the fact that no-one in the group noticed the jug to empty the remaining wine into – so we drank six glasses in quick succession. I think it may have been this that fueled our creativity. We set about creating our own description of one of Chile’s finest exports. We thought we did really well – possibly sounding a tad more Ozzie Osbourne that Oz Clarke…” This delicately balanced wine, echoes the flavours of the remote mountain village of con carne (in chile), whilst whisking you away on a mystery tour to Club Tropicana, where all the drinks are free…”.Ok, so maybe it read better under the influence, but it kept us entertained for quite some time. And in addition to six bottles of vino, it was also a chocolate tasting evening. Can you think of a better way to enter the weekend? I certainly can’t, especially after making a serious dent in a bottle of red (or was it white), and a slab of gloriously smooth dark chocolate and peppermint. Welcome to the weekend!

Oh and book club gals – our next event is wine tasting. You have been warned.




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