Hey! Happy Birthday…It’s your birthday, you know?

4 03 2010

Today is my sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday Bic!). It’s good to have someone so close in age to grow old alongside. Especially when you are sisters. Sisters with a 16 month age gap. We have always looked quite similar our whole lives, even being mistaken for twins occasionally.

There has always been competition and comparison between us. For many years before I flew home for a holiday we would confer. Prepare one another for my arrival, and the reunion –  I’m so pale/I’m a bit chubby/I’m unfit/I’m not toned/I’m so spotty….the list goes on.

This year we moved into a new phase. Wrinkles. Fine lines. We are now showing a bit of wear and tear around the edges. Some of us more than others :)

Bic I love your new crinkle-cut look xxx xxx xxxx

p.s. I wouldn’t worry about the wrinkles – they add character to our faces. At least we have not lost our memories yet….Is your bike still on your car?




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6 03 2010

So funny no???

15 03 2010


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