Tickled Pink

2 03 2010

Today I had a terrible commute. I had to wait for two trains before squeezing myself into a crammed carriage. Then it happened. My fears were realised. The tickle. followed by the biggest coughing fit EVER. You can imagine the looks I got. I was trying not to cough. Really I was. Panic does not help. It tickles more. I tried to get a sip of water, but I feared if I sipped and coughed… I would end up spitting it over the already disdainful looking passengers around me. Pink, spluttering and with real tears I practically propelled myself out the carriage at Clapham Junction. I am not sure whether the looks I got were of sympathy or if my fellow commuters were thinking stupid girl – she is never going to get back on a train. Five trains and 2o mins later I got on another train, furiously sucking cough sweets and sipping water on secondly intervals.




One response

11 03 2010

i have done that many many times coughing and spluttering my way on SW Trains… total empathy..

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