Zanzibar spice and all things nice

26 02 2010

Yesterday I spent the day in my old university stomping ground… sunny soggy Southampton. I popped in to see a friend and hang out with her and her family for the afternoon. The perfect antidote to London living. A real family home, complete with dog at your feet and friendly family banter. I even managed to squeeze in a delicious home-cooked meal. MmmmmMMmmmm. Just before dinner my friends mom showed me an exciting mystery spice she picked up whilst in Zanzibar. She was very, very excited about it. Oblivious to its composition, but excited none the less. My sketchy spanish translation was not much of a help, but I worked out it had salt, pepper and cinnamon, as well as about 6 other unknown spices I had no hope of deciphering. Not long after sitting down to dinner the conversation reverted to blunders, and topically there was a spice related tale. A family somewhere made a grave mistake with a bag of spices. Did I mention the home cooked meal, was a fragrantly spicy curry? Turns out that the family in question received a bag of spice (presumably a christmas gift), without details of exactly what spices were inside (not wholly unlike the Zanzibar spice). They assumed it would be good for the Christmas pud, added in a healthy dose and whipped up a feast for all the family. Which they all guzzled down in festive fashion. Not long after, due to mail delay’s they got the note meant to be attached to the bag of spices. It seems like it was not exactly spice. It was in-fact the Uncle’s ashes. Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh. This is a true story. NOT my friends family I hasten to add. But…I was left wondering what exactly was in that Zanzibar spice, and did any go in my dinner..




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