True reflection

23 02 2010

I hope it isn’t just me, but does anyone else find staring at their reflection in tube/train doors absolutely terrifying?!?! I mean you leave the house, make-up applied, hair straightened. Blemishes are  hidden under carefully applied layers of various miracle products. You look good. A mere 15 mins later you catch a glimpse of yourself in the train door. Aaarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh. Surely it is a cruel trick of light? Surely NOT an accurate reflection. What happened to the mirror image you saw minutes earlier? The hair is flat and curly, the flawless skin, is flawed. There are bags, LARGE bags under the eyes, and it is seemingly impossible to move your mouth into the smile position. No wonder people avoid eye contact on public transport.




One response

24 02 2010

I find I am very disturbed by my reflection in the mirrors of changing rooms.

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