Heel Hell

17 02 2010

I have given up moaning for lent (haha), so I won’t be moaning about the outrageous cost of having my boots re-heeled. Actually I can’t really moan about it at all, because walking on heels worn down to the nail bit, has to be THE worst experience in the world, so I am prepared to pay large sums of money not to endure that spine-chilling sensation any longer than necessary. This morning I gritted my teeth and literally dragged my screeching heels to a new cobbler down the road (the one near me is a tad on the creepy side). As the cobbler handed over my newly shod boots, I had to fight the overwhelming urge to kiss him, such was my delight in knowing that I wouldn’t have to grit my teeth and walk on tip-toe for the rest of the day…I am VERY glad I didn’t go to the creepy cobbler now!




One response

17 02 2010

It must be a Barton thing as I had the exact same problem yesterday. Except mine only costs R20 to fix. Although it beats my high heel completely snapping when leaving a crowded doctors room last week. Had to do the moon walk out of there, while feeling the need to tell everyone my shoe had just broken! was slightly obvious …

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