Alarm Bells

8 02 2010

My Mom arrived from South Africa at around 6.30am Saturday morning. That meant that I set my alarm for 4.50 am. FOUR FIFTY AM (yes that time does exist), to get up – get ready and then make the hour and a half trip across London to meet her. Luckily I set my phone alarm too…  just in case – which went off at 5am and actually got me up. Anyway it all went to plan – I arrived at exactly the same time as she did. By the afternoon I was feeling a bit weary so I decided to get invigorated and go for a run. Before I left I said  – I won’t take a key – I will just knock when I get back. Not my wisest move. I ran, and then got back home and started knocking on the door. And then banging with the knocker. Then kneeing the door whilst shaking it. I then shouted through the letter box. Then I started all over again. Knocking, wailing, banging, shouting. Huffing and puffing, grrrrrring and then resuming the knocking. A great way to get to know your neighbours. Trouble is the lounge is on the other side of the house, and therein was my mother, under a blanket, TV on, having fallen fast asleep after a long flight and exhausting few months. Panic set in. I resumed the knocking, banging, shouting routine but to no avail. I needed a miracle. Then I heard it. My four fifty alarm, that hadn’t gone off in the morning as I had set it for pm not am (oops). Amen! So with the help of the alarm, and 20 mins of banging and wailing I saw my sleepy eyed mother coming towards the door. Words cannot express my relief.




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