Hi honey I’m home.

28 02 2010

Last night I started off with a French Martini, or two. Added a shot, or two. Incorporated plenty of chatting, shouting and  laughing. So very rock n’ roll.

I then ended up with a very, very,  v   e    r   y husky voice, followed by no voice at all.

When I got home I swapped downing cocktails for a long shot of honey to ease my hoarse throat. Not so very rock n’ roll.


HuMMmmmmmmmmmmming Bird Bakery

28 02 2010

All I can say is: If you have not been WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I went last weekend, and this weekend…and there is still one branch I have not tried. So guess where I am going next weekend! This week I had the black bottom cupcake…chocolate with a blob of yummy scrummy cheesecake in the middle. Not sure too many of them will do wonders for my bottom – but oh so worth it. And with such a huge selection to choose from, I figure the brain power used in making such a stressful decision probably burns off almost as many calories as a single cupcake, or two, or two and a bit…

Zanzibar spice and all things nice

26 02 2010

Yesterday I spent the day in my old university stomping ground… sunny soggy Southampton. I popped in to see a friend and hang out with her and her family for the afternoon. The perfect antidote to London living. A real family home, complete with dog at your feet and friendly family banter. I even managed to squeeze in a delicious home-cooked meal. MmmmmMMmmmm. Just before dinner my friends mom showed me an exciting mystery spice she picked up whilst in Zanzibar. She was very, very excited about it. Oblivious to its composition, but excited none the less. My sketchy spanish translation was not much of a help, but I worked out it had salt, pepper and cinnamon, as well as about 6 other unknown spices I had no hope of deciphering. Not long after sitting down to dinner the conversation reverted to blunders, and topically there was a spice related tale. A family somewhere made a grave mistake with a bag of spices. Did I mention the home cooked meal, was a fragrantly spicy curry? Turns out that the family in question received a bag of spice (presumably a christmas gift), without details of exactly what spices were inside (not wholly unlike the Zanzibar spice). They assumed it would be good for the Christmas pud, added in a healthy dose and whipped up a feast for all the family. Which they all guzzled down in festive fashion. Not long after, due to mail delay’s they got the note meant to be attached to the bag of spices. It seems like it was not exactly spice. It was in-fact the Uncle’s ashes. Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh. This is a true story. NOT my friends family I hasten to add. But…I was left wondering what exactly was in that Zanzibar spice, and did any go in my dinner..

Sole Mate

25 02 2010

This week I have seen people I have not seen in ages, unexpectedly, in the most random of places.  I have also seen an awful lot of shoes, unexpectedly, in the most random of places. London seems to be facing a solitary shoe epidemic … A stiletto here, a pump there, on their own, all alone, half a pair. Baffling. Truly baffling. How exactly do people lose just one shoe?

I really hope that the single shoe situation will not become as big as the single person situation facing the capital. Before we know it people will be writing profiles about the shoe they lost in Shoreditch, and how it was the most genuine, fun-loving, loyal shoe, that loved a night on the tiles as well as reclining on the rug by a roaring fire…before it walked out on them…probably to go snowboarding :)

Roll on…

24 02 2010

the invention of giant lint rollers by the front door. I for one would definitely invest in them.

True reflection

23 02 2010

I hope it isn’t just me, but does anyone else find staring at their reflection in tube/train doors absolutely terrifying?!?! I mean you leave the house, make-up applied, hair straightened. Blemishes are  hidden under carefully applied layers of various miracle products. You look good. A mere 15 mins later you catch a glimpse of yourself in the train door. Aaarrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh. Surely it is a cruel trick of light? Surely NOT an accurate reflection. What happened to the mirror image you saw minutes earlier? The hair is flat and curly, the flawless skin, is flawed. There are bags, LARGE bags under the eyes, and it is seemingly impossible to move your mouth into the smile position. No wonder people avoid eye contact on public transport.

I have gone Dotty.

22 02 2010

I am getting my hair cut today. I was thinking really short. I was thinking really short and deep red. Then I thought – WHAT AM I THINKING?