India . Delta . India . Oscar . Tango .

28 01 2010

Is what I felt like spelling out to the 6th person I spoke to yesterday in an attempt to find out where my new broadband decoder had been delivered. Instead of delivering it to my office, as requested, they delivered it to a residential address (still) unknown to me. Try explaining that six different people, with six different accents, with six different sets of information on their system, after being transferred and hung up on at least 3 times. It all went down hill when I got the giggles, due to sheer frustration, whilst reading out the 16 digit tracking code to an automated machine… “I am sorry, I did not get that, please try again” the machine bleated. So I hung up AGAIN. I had to listen to MORE soft rock, pressed Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, got through to the same girl who couldn’t hear me, or understand my postcode – I ended up shouting it down the phone – still no joy – the only joy was seeing my colleague Jen, wipe away a tear of laughter, having listened to me in vain for an hour…

Even though I have still not tracked down my delivery, I am not sure I can go through that all again – I will have to do without broadband for another night.




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