Domestic Goddess

26 01 2010

It’s official. I am a goddess of domesticity. If we had heating or gas I would have maybe even whipped up a cake last night – such is my over enthusiasm for my new surroundings. I know it will be short-lived. Normally I only ever iron in morning, in a rush, whilst gobbling down my breakfast. Last night I ironed a whole pile of clothes. Then I knew something was amiss when I flossed my teeth. Flossing is one of my NY resolutions – because, well lets face it – we all know we should floss, but it doesn’t always happen does it? I then followed it up with doing a wash. Ah the joys of a new washing machine…seems a “quickwash” takes over an hour – and that took me up to 11.30 – which is WAY past my bedtime. This burst of domesticity will not last long – so if you want a cake or some ironing doing get your orders in now!




One response

26 01 2010

Gem’s order:
1 times ENORMOUS pile of ironing
10 times choccie cake!

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