A murder* of crows.

20 01 2010

Only 3 more sleeps left. Only 3 more days of listening to my feathered friend. I won’t lie – I kind of felt a bit sad about not hearing my nemesis incessantly of a morning – then I came to my senses. Clearly I am having an emotional blip, if I felt sad about the crow that has been cawing, without ceasing for the last 2 years – oh hang on – for the 3 years before that too – since he migrated with me to rural Raynes Park. CAW CAW CAW CAW ALL THE TIME. “Unfortunately” the time has come for us to go our separate ways – and I have made sure there is no tree nearby for him to come and nest in. The only crows I am going to be in close proximity to are the crows feet forming around my eyes from smiling about it.

*no wonder it’s the collective noun




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