Lucious Lippy

18 01 2010

I am not a flavoured lip-balm kind of girl. But I have been converted. I have made a new discovery – and I can’t get enough of it. It’s dark chocolate and peppermint flavour. MMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMM. I like it so much I have thought about just squeezing it directly into my mouth, it’s that good. I even made everyone in the pub take a whiff –  one guy tried to eat it (you know who you are), but I managed to rescue it back. Phew.

I am secretly hoping it will have the same effect as that chocolate lynx man on the telly not so long ago, and that I will have hordes of handsome chaps throwing themselves at me to get close to my lips!

Ladies – if it works – I am going to buy in bulk – so place your orders now!




2 responses

18 01 2010

I tried to eat it because I was ridiculously hungry! And I’d do it again if I had too!

2 02 2010

Your blog is really nice to read and i wish there was more like this around. Thank you

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