Rach’s heavy right foot.

17 01 2010

My friend Rach, after having received praise for her skillful driving earlier in the day, decided to put it (and our friendship) to the test, whilst hurtling down a hill, toward a rather expensive looking car coming up the hill. Both partied realised quite late, that the road was probably a touch too narrow for two cars to pass comfortably. Obviously he was as skilled as Rach, and used the same technique as her. Acceleration. I’m just not sure whether he was screaming as loudly as the three of us were. I mean proper screaming. It was hilarious, and we all zoomed off unscathed! Whew!




One response

18 01 2010
Rachel Swift

Ha ha haaa haaa…. yeah screaming is probably not the best response to an imminent collision… sorry about that ;) Glad we all live to see another day xx

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