Renter’s Remorse.

13 01 2010

Hooray! I have found somewhere to live (I was facing destitution at the end of the month). It fulfills my list of criteria – wooden floors, nice kitchen and somewhere to keep my tree (yes –  I own a tree) – on the “pimms patio”. Anyway – this place is lovely – and my flatmate and I are very excited. So excited that last night I hardly slept – tossing and turning – worrying I had made the wrong decision. I’m not sure why I found this wave of “renter’s remorse” so unexpected. I get buyers remorse when I buy a pair of shoes, and have been known to even suffer a bout of the dreaded remorse buying a sandwich. On waking up this morning I realised, it may not be renters remorse I have but “Packer’s Procrastination”. Reality has hit. I have to pack up ALL my stuff. Bye Bye social life for the next week…If anyone fancies half a room full of junk – just let me know!




One response

13 01 2010

If you need a professional packer and mover… just call. Finally something I am actually a pro at! x

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