HELP: I’ve lost my appetite.

11 01 2010

I am genuinely concerned. I am have had no snacks so far and its encroaching on lunch time – I have not even heard my tummy rumble, and I went to open the “healthy snacks” (out of habit not hunger) and I closed them back up. Unheard of. I am ALWAYS hungry. I’m only human. Well at least I hope I still am…I had to have goats milk (yuk) on my cereal this morning. Words cannot describe how unappetising it is to smell goat whilst eating muesli – but anyway – now I am worried that it may have led to adverse effects. I mean there used to be that half-man, half goat didn’t there. How do you think he got like that? Surely not too much goats milk? The light-bulb in my room blew this morning – so I got ready in the dark… I didn’t notice any major changes – but I can’t be sure.

I hope I get my appetite back soon. It’s very boring without snacks.




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