Knitting Needles?

6 01 2010

My housemate gave me acupuncture last night. I had to take a bath, lie down and relax. Easy. Then she whipped out the implements of torture. As she stood over me needles in hand, she said, don’t worry I don’t really have any big needles, and laughed. I believed her. She stuck a few in and left me to relax. It was all ok until I thought, I wonder just how big these needles in my hands are, so I looked up …error. Seems like physio’s and fitness instructors come from the same school of mis-truth. The fitness instructor says only 5 more. You end up doing 50 more. Small needles/Knitting needles obviously seem the same to a physio!

She did the trick though and it worked. Well my coffee didn’t come squirting out my hands or my head this morning so it’s all good!




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