The Dump

31 01 2010

Today we went to the dump – so very rock n’ roll. It made for very, very interesting (if not slightly smelly) people watching. However nothing I saw at the dump compared with what I saw heading toward the dump, just as we were leaving. A couple in full white forensic cloth suits, complete with face masks were zooming along in their radioactive green car laden with junk. Priceless.


Mind the gaps

31 01 2010

in escalator steps when wearing stiletto’s…

The humiliation factor doesn’t bare thinking about.

It was only a matter of time…

29 01 2010

before I fell off the swiss ball. That time was last night. I was hoping no-one would notice. It would be difficult not to notice me roll off a massive purple ball, land unceremoniously with a crash on the floor, and send the ball pinging across the studio, stifling giggles. For anyone still not aware the instructor kindly made an announcement of my accident to the rest of the class.

India . Delta . India . Oscar . Tango .

28 01 2010

Is what I felt like spelling out to the 6th person I spoke to yesterday in an attempt to find out where my new broadband decoder had been delivered. Instead of delivering it to my office, as requested, they delivered it to a residential address (still) unknown to me. Try explaining that six different people, with six different accents, with six different sets of information on their system, after being transferred and hung up on at least 3 times. It all went down hill when I got the giggles, due to sheer frustration, whilst reading out the 16 digit tracking code to an automated machine… “I am sorry, I did not get that, please try again” the machine bleated. So I hung up AGAIN. I had to listen to MORE soft rock, pressed Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, got through to the same girl who couldn’t hear me, or understand my postcode – I ended up shouting it down the phone – still no joy – the only joy was seeing my colleague Jen, wipe away a tear of laughter, having listened to me in vain for an hour…

Even though I have still not tracked down my delivery, I am not sure I can go through that all again – I will have to do without broadband for another night.

Did you know?

27 01 2010

Your nose and ears carry on growing throughout your life? That was my startling discovery after eating my yogurt and reading the blurb on the pot. Wrinkles are going to be the least of my worries.

Sheepless nights

27 01 2010

Forget the sheep, I can now count traffic to get me to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Domestic Goddess

26 01 2010

It’s official. I am a goddess of domesticity. If we had heating or gas I would have maybe even whipped up a cake last night – such is my over enthusiasm for my new surroundings. I know it will be short-lived. Normally I only ever iron in morning, in a rush, whilst gobbling down my breakfast. Last night I ironed a whole pile of clothes. Then I knew something was amiss when I flossed my teeth. Flossing is one of my NY resolutions – because, well lets face it – we all know we should floss, but it doesn’t always happen does it? I then followed it up with doing a wash. Ah the joys of a new washing machine…seems a “quickwash” takes over an hour – and that took me up to 11.30 – which is WAY past my bedtime. This burst of domesticity will not last long – so if you want a cake or some ironing doing get your orders in now!