Light entertainment.

11 12 2009

This morning my colleague came in to a flickering light above her desk. Being the helpful procrastinator I am I thought I would help. I sought out the panel of light switches in my area. I was merrily switching them off – on – off – on – off – on – off – on – off – on – off – on. Trying to figure out which one, or combination would turn off the flicky light. I could have carried on for ages…until the facilities manager burst in, walky talky in hand shouting and just about to radio for an engineer. Until he saw me in the shadows.

Seems my panel of switches wasn’t for my area, but the entire floor! He thought there was some kind of power cut – the rest of the floor may have thought it was a christmas disco come early.




2 responses

11 12 2009

You make my day!

14 12 2009

hahahahahaha!!!! Amazing…no idea who you’re talking about! great likeness….see you at the xmas party later angel x

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