Bring on the zips!

10 12 2009

My friends seem to be producing offspring at an alarming rate. Some even have teenagers. TEENAGERS. Terrifying, considering I feel like I have only just left school myself. Anyway all this birthing brings with it, not only a small bundle of joy, but also tales of “The Labour”. I don’t remember any of these stories from my youth. If I am honest these tales, whispered in hushed tones, fill me with fear and dread. I don’t mind the thought of having a cute bump, and carte blanche to “eat for two”, but delivery, Hmmm I am not overly keen. For something so natural, it seems very un-natural to me. I am hoping by the time I get round to having a mini version of myself, that they will have invented some kind of zipper system. One tug of the zip and Voilà a baby. No pain All gain.

Then again I am the girl who got stuck in her coat, so maybe a button or press stud system would work better.




One response

11 12 2009

I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep on posting such interesting stuff!!

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